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and the messed up thing is she is so ignorant she don't even realize how dumb that is.

and she even appears to be black WTF why does it seem like white guys only like white girls?

I liked Michelle; she was already crawling up her ruddy cheeks.

There were also rumors that she and the actor Peter Lawford were an item but they had to hide their love affair due to the negativity they would have gotten from the public.

Name: Leah or Lea Status: College student/ Athlete Career: Im a painting major with a minor in Interactive media studies. All my friends thought it was the cutest thing when I was drawing it! I still have a couple spots left so hurry before they’re gone!

What do I want to do with my life: I want to work in the animation industry so I am going to keep pushing myself to succeed!

In the past I used to perm my hair a lot and noticed the damage I caused by over perming.

I just don’t like dealing with it and find wigs a quick and easy way to change my hairstyle to whatever I want without doing damage to my actual hair.

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