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Initially whenever I would set the slider to "off" and close settings, it wouldn't save. All are activated, some were upgrades and then ISO installed to check. Now either ie or FF will not access the internet with "the proxy server is refusing connections". ) instructions on how to set up a decent proxy server on a home network.

I found that the issue had to do with the UAC being enabled. Messing around protecting 8 - 10 individual machines on a home LAN is getting tiresome - and I...

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I have made changes to group policy to only allow updates at 3am on Sundays. Hi folks, I've been having issues lately with the "Use a proxy server" setting. This is only happening on one Computer and my other 3 have no problems but they don't have windows 10? Ran all my AV/MW programs and think I got rid of it. Hi there @ network gurus Any decent SIMPLE ( like class 101 for idiots !!

Dear MWG Fan Community, Now that MWG 7 has been around for a little bit and we have plenty of experience with the dos and don'ts of this most powerful web gateway ever, we figured it was time to get some best practices out there and spread the word about some of the awesome features MWG has to offer.

Below is a collection of documents written to help you understand the MWG better and hopefully cover some of the common cases you as an Admin experience.

It will put the downloaded file in the same folder as your "hosts" file, set up your local intranet zone and proxy caching, and configure Internet Explorer to use the new PAC file.

The script will only set up "LAN" settings (DSL, broadband, cable, or satellite) and will not affect dialup connections.

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