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The term 'stucco' describes a factory-prepared, integrally colored finish which over the years, has come to be used to describe all colored Portland cement finishes.Stucco is composed largely of Portland cement plaster, which is a low cost durable material that can be used in almost all climates. Our thin stone veneers can literally transform a home’s exterior. Don’t want to paint that cedar siding one more time?If the brick appears shoddy, your fireplace can be a constant source of irritation.You can use stucco to mask the old, unwanted brick.🙂 I was thrilled to see the stucco guys progress quickly… In fact they were basically done by the time I spotted the major, IT HAS TO BE FIXED, problem. But when you’re paying someone to do something exactly how you want it and it turns out completely wrong, I think you can be dramatic.

To get a smooth finish with just a little bit of subtle texture, use a trowel with a sponge attached.

The scary part: they were all suppose to be the same color.

Basically, the entire left wall was covered in different colors. The very first color mix was right, but from there it was all wrong.

Either purchase ready-made stucco, or mix concrete and sand together to make your own. Use a straight, steel trowel to apply the second coat of stucco.

Add a little of the bonding agent to the mix so it will dry quicker and stick better. The straight trowel will give you a modern, sleek look.

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