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Back when my husband and I met online over a decade ago, we hid the truth of how we came together, but in recent years more couples are not only meeting online, they're also unafraid to tell their friends about how they met.In a time when 59 percent of internet users say that online dating is a good way to meet people, it's no shock that clients who once turned up their nose at internet dating are now agreeing with my view that online dating is the one most powerful tool in your dating toolbox.Following surgery, Khloe went to visit Kim and found her sister in huge discomfort.

I feel like surrogacy is really the only other option for me.'Before her surgery took place, Kim spent time with her daughter North at home and talked about wanting to give her a sibling.'Kanye and I have always talked about having more kids, but after what I went through in Paris, the urgency is like, even greater,' she told the cameras.

Kim revealed her robbery ordeal had help he realize she wanted a bigger family.'Being at home for so many months and just taking work out of the equation and being like a stay at home mom has been so refreshing and I would love nothing more than to expand my family and know that i have this world at home that is safe.'And if for some reason I left this earth sooner than I really wanted to then my kids would have a support system so that I would know it would be okay if i was not here.'Kim then asked North if she thought her mom and dad should have another baby.'No.

Yeah,' the youngster said before saying 'a girl.''I want a boy and girl that would make me so happy,' said 3-year-old North.

Tarek El Moussa lived in fear before marrying Christina El Moussa, Radar has learned. “When I’m not getting these calls, she has guys call me saying their [sic] going to f**k me up, key my car, jump me, shoot me, etc,” he continued.

Tarek filed a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend in 2003 following years of harassment and torture. “She tells people awful things about me that aren’t true that threaten my reputation as a real estate agent.” “The reason this all started was at the end of high school we dated and I left her for another girl who is now my girlfriend of almost three years,” he added.

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