Unregistered cams

Some groups, such as the National Motorists Association in the USA, claim that systems "encourage ...

revenue-driven enforcement" rather than the declared objectives.

Supplies of this dashcam are currently quite limited - however if you click your country below you can find out if there are any available on ebay.

You may need to activate International Search in the left hand panel.

Hi Mat, Great review - great little dash cam this - ticks all my boxes - agree I think a black english version would be good, overall very impressive.

I don't know why the cams have to have this overlap in the playback though - why cant they just record continuously in segments.

However, I actually registered the car about half an hour after she drove away.

Do you think that registering the car within half an hour of going through the red light cameras may somehow get me out of this massive fine? Thanks edit – she didn't speed or run any red lights, she just went past these cameras which scan license plates.

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This system was the first of several Sensor Dynamics based ANPR solutions.

A red light camera is a traffic camera that takes an image of a vehicle that goes through an intersection where the light is red.

So long as it was before and not after you will be fine.

See whrl.pl/Re Ix Mp not quite the same but some info in the replies Not heard of camera's snapping away looking for unregistered vehicles though. However, what if it was 2 seconds before the car was registered?

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