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Click on the "BLM Information" button and check out "The Slabs" about 70 miles southeast of Palm Springs, California.The "slabs" are the concrete pads left when an air base in the area closed.Some women live and travel together, others caravan in groups, and others are true solo travelers. There are a number of locations popular among single RV enthusiasts.

There are vehicle type and family RV clubs, as well as lifestyle and geographical location associations.Most dating sites provide photos, profiles and, often questions and answers, which help the searcher to determine the potential degree of chemistry between two clients.Many dating sites attempt to identify the type of person to whom each member is attracted as based on the photos and profiles of clients who has been contacted or made a favorite.These RV clubs have organized camping trips (often called a Rally), and you will meet people with similar interests and have the opportunity make some terrific friends.Scroll through our list of RV clubs and read the descriptions for more information.

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    The restaurant includes a full bar and a casual, comfortable atmosphere perfect for sharing, exploration and the celebration of food.