Most intimidating college football uniforms

As someone who just recently visited the campus of “The U,” I can give you a crash course in the rich history of the entire football program.

With five national titles and the reputation for having the most swagger of any college team ever, the Miami Hurricanes can intimidate opponents by simply showing up to the stadium.

But other schools are getting into the act, like Arizona State and this two-sided helmet which, no matter which way you look, does its best to blind you like the sun. In fact, the only thing ugly about the Ducks' season opener was this scene, when quarterback Vernon Adams Jr.

But they are far from alone, so click on through and enjoy. (3) was knocked out of the game following a hit by Eastern Washington linebacker John Kreifels — a hit which earned Kreifels an ejection.

When you reminisce on your college days, you might forget some memories (Thanks, beer), but you’ll never forget the pride you felt when donning your school colors each and every Saturday during football season.

Let’s take a look at the top 12 best college football uniforms this season. Colorado Buffaloes Football is on the rise in Boulder, and Colorado’s colors of black and gold with a touch of silver makes this uniform combination one of the best in the Pac 12 this season. Pittsburgh Panthers Pittsburgh Panthers’ running back James Conner made his triumphant return from defeating cancer by collecting two touchdowns in this traditional gold and navy uniform against the Villanova Wildcats. East Carolina Pirates This season marks a transition from Nike to Adidas for the Pirates.

A major part of what makes college football so lovable is the pageantry, and the iconic venues play a big role in creating that pageantry.

You give them a badge, and they’re just standard police officers. They’re like something you wear to throw extravagant parties in hopes of attracting the attention of the person you’ve always loved, even as you went to war and got into shady business dealings, before you ultimately drive her to a fit of road rage and her husband, heartbroken, duels you by your pool. There’s nothing really awesome about them or their lifestyle, and even their armor were clunky, ill-designed human cages. Nic Cage’s-initial-transformation-into-Ghost Rider levels of flames. Not the scene itself, but how hot the fire had to have been for him to be so over-the-top. They’re generally not something you want to add style to, but the Trojan key pattern is great. I firmly believe it’s the reason why your team went 4-8. I’m thankful just to review such a great piece of art. I make the rules here, and a design and backstory this awesome is too good for standard ratings.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that; it’s just not as cool as the video suggests. I love that Kentucky went with the checkerboard design, so that if any of the players are hungry on the sidelines, they can just cut up the uniform and use it as a fancy napkin. Sean Kingston claiming that fire was burning on the dance floor. But you looked dashing throughout the whole ordeal, Purdue. This is "We just survived the hottest month in recorded history" heat. So, they went and put stripes on last year’s helmet? You’re better off just going full-on Pegasus mode and designing a uniform that takes inspiration from a beautiful beast that sprang up from the blood of a slain Medusa than making your uniforms look like weird combat armor. It’s a simple design that doesn’t try to tell you everything it represents. In this better world, we have learned to love each other, to celebrate differences rather than see them as reasons for division. Playing a joke with such a cool look is like teasing your significant other by pretending to be a better person before reverting back to the lazy, inconsiderate waste of space that they’re planning to leave soon.

We boast about our quarterbacks, debate about who has the best defense, and argue about which fan base is more intimidating, but let’s face it.

We take a hell of a lot of pride in our school colors and team uniforms.

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