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) are a Canadian football team based in Montreal, Quebec.Founded in 1946, the team has folded and been revived twice.It is well known that bicycling in urban areas has beneficial effects on people's health and well-being.On the other hand, urban cycling, especially during the morning and evening commute, may be associated with health and safety risks due to potentially high levels of exposure to air pollution, road noise, and high traffic density. We're also the dating site of choice for American singles seeking a long-term, committed relationship.Those things combined mean that we have a soft spot for weddings and delight in wedding stories from near and far.

In some parts of the South, the bride and groom bury a (full!

After playing for four years as the Concordes, they revived the Alouettes name for the 1986 season.

A second folding in 1987 led to a nine-year hiatus of CFL football in the city.

The original Alouettes team (1946–1981) won four Grey Cups and were particularly dominant in the 1970s.

After their collapse in 1982, they were immediately reconstituted under new ownership as the Montreal Concordes.

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