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I am warning any couple who has ever thought about picking up a camera and filming your days every single day — do not do it.” We’ve heard this warning before — when You Tube stars Jeana Smith and Jesse Wellens announced their breakup, they told the world how the strain of making daily videos together ultimately caused their demise.

Wearing a tiny pink two-piece, the brunette can be seen rolling around in the sand as she posed for photographs on the beach and despite turning her modelling career into an acting one, she revealed she's still a fan of wearing swimwear.

Announcing the happy news on Twitter, the delighted star told her fans, "I'm now Jessica-Jane Stafford! Thank you all so much for your lovely messages x" The 27-year-old then revealed that her new husband was whisking her away to a secret destination for their honeymoon.

"On our way to the airport to go on our honeymoon," she wrote.

Some previous contestants on the hit show have experienced extreme weight loss.

But Jessica-Jane claims not to be worried about her ample chest deflating in size as she never wears a bra so won’t be able to tell if they have shrunk or not.

Explaining her condition, the 26-year-old star of The Real Hustle said: “If you were to play hide and seek, go and hide and I opened my eyes and you were shouting, I couldn’t tell. “I had to have a scan to make sure because you can sometimes have little tumours growing and luckily there was nothing like that. “The hospital would not give me a hearing aid because I was able to hear out of my left ear. I was pretty down about it for a year and a half.” The problem did not stop Jessica regaling camp mates last night with tales of the time she worked as a dancer with pop star Craig David.

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And afterwards 100 more invitees joined the newlyweds at their reception which featured a karaoke room, impersonators and even a fish and chip van. My darling husband @leestaffordhair has surprised me!

She revealed that the thing she's most dreading in the jungle are the spiders but added that she'll be kept company by her 'Booby dazzler' engagement ring which was given to her by her fiance, Lee Stafford.

She lost the hearing in her right ear after a severe infection six years ago and her condition is now so bad that it could make it impossible for her to find her camp mates if she gets lost while filming I’m A Celebrity... “The doctors think I might have got an inner ear infection that was not treated straight away and as a consequence everything died.

Filmed using a hidden camera, Jessica-Jane hustles participants out of money and property to show them how not to be taken in the future.

In front of our not-so-hidden camera, Jessica-Jane performs the biggest rip-off of all.

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