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Supply may meet demand but not all goods are substitutable in the monopolistically competitive dating market.

As such, girls everywhere have had to divide and specialize themselves into several categories of “game.” Short game: These people have mastered the concept of the job interview.

However, a certain section of our student body believes that women don’t need strategy when they’re looking for a love interest.

And as I went on a few more, I began to wonder how many times I would have to answer the question "So, what's your story? There was no one to consult…my friends did not have to date, they had husbands. Now, the hard part, ask the question "Am I all of the things that I want in a new partner and relationship?

" If the answer is no, then that is where you need to begin.

Girls get to go out to bars, have all their alcohol paid for, and get to choose from a sea of men as if they were grocery shopping. ” cries the peanut gallery, “You can hook up with anyone you want just by batting your eyelashes! Free shots of house liquor and unlimited sexual gratification, all for the price of the shortest black dress a college budget can buy.

This is the kind of respect and admiration that the Suffragettes, Gloria Steinem, Maya Angelou, and Leslie Knope fought for.

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