Dating for the mentally ill

The video has been viewed 1.9 million times since it was uploaded, and has amassed 255,000 likes.

2016 has seen many rappers come under fire for their attitudes toward mental illness.

“I want to get the truth out there so more people don’t die.” Corrections spokesman Dexter Lee declined to respond, citing the agency’s policy of not commenting on lawsuits. Inmates Scruggs, 44, Jimmy Ham, 56, Jason Kelley, 35, and John King, 52, were choked one by one in the same cell with an electrical cord tightened by a broomstick, sources have told The State newspaper.

Jacob Philip, 25, and Denver Simmons, 35, each are charged with four counts of murder.

The video has provoked a lot of backlash online with many accusing Minaj of making fun of a mentally ill or incapacitated woman.

A representative for NAMI has also given Minaj a dressing down, saying: “Nobody would make fun of a cancer patient, and mental illness is an illness like any other,” according to TMZ.

Johnson, in an interview Monday, said that “absolutely” those prisoners died because the S. Department of Corrections failed to provide sufficient treatment.

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Reisdorf, who comes from a family of Scientologists, told Remini and Rinder that in 2012 he was going through a manic episode that was part of a bipolar disorder, a condition later diagnosed by actual medical doctors.” at Nicki, the rapper laughs hard and and asks “What did I do?” As the woman continues to walk away, Nicki says “Miss! ” before being distracted by a man who stops to tell her he’s a big fan.A clinical counselor turned whistleblower who worked with mentally ill prisoners at Kirkland Correctional Institution has sued the agency, saying it failed to live up to a state judge’s order to improve treatment.Sandra Johnson’s assignment as a social worker included the unit where authorities say four inmates were strangled this month by two fellow inmates.

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