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Men of this more privileged class that cruise the Internet instead of the sidewalks for sex also have different views about prostitution.

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A survey of men in this online community revealed that a substantial portion of them are married, white, earn over 0,000 per year, have graduate degrees and think about sex more (and feel less guilty about it), compared with other groups of men, including those who have been arrested for hiring prostitutes on the street."While it is noteworthy to recognize that the 1 percent of adult men who paid for sex in 2010 still result in a large number of customers, there is no credible evidence to support the idea that hiring sex workers is a common or conventional aspect of masculine sexual behavior among men in the United States," study researcher Christine Milrod, of the University of Portland, said in a statement.The researchers also found that the average john doesn't look all that different from the average man who has never paid for sex — clients are more likely to have served in the military, only slightly less likely to be married and white, and only slightly more likely to have a full-time job and be more sexually liberal.You aren’t going to be finding them at any of the go go’s in either city that is for sure.All of the African prostitutes in Thailand are freelancers but they are still easy to find if you know where to look.

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