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Singles who have gotten fed up with wasting their hard earned cash, sexiest outfits, and their precious time by going out hoping to meet someone, flock to a free online dating site for these reasons: You might be intrigued by the idea of joining the throngs of singles who are joining a dating site in Connecticut, but there is something holding you back.

Maybe you’ve heard stories from others claiming that online dating wasn’t safe or the people who use these sites are the dregs of society searching for someone to take advantage of.

It was the late Professor Erik Zürcher (1928-2008) who took the initiative of compiling a bibliographical list of Chinese primary sources concerning Christianity in China in the seventeenth century.

Since the 1980s, Ad Dudink and Nicolas Standaert have continued and elaborated the project and converted the data thus far collected into an online research database.

CCT helps companies communicate with existing contact channels and a new generation of customers, through web and mobile based interactions, such as Web RTC, chat, co browsing and video, ensuring their contact center agents adapt to the changing customer landscape, decreasing contact center costs and providing efficient relationships with their customers.

The description of primary sources, divided into Chinese and European primary sources, is intended as to be extensive and to allow for multiple links.

In addition to the usual bibliographical references such as title, author, impressum or reprints, these references include: a content description, the mentioning of call numbers in major library collections, references to translations or secondary sources, and various notes on the author or text history.

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