Baby shower dating game questions

You can also click on the download icon to save the trivia for later.For help downloading, take a look at the guide for Adobe printables. You can use this trivia in a variety of group settings, such as baby showers, mom groups or similar gatherings. Choose the top 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 answers for each question you decide to use for your normal round questions. Note: Several of the baby shower family feud questions below have more answers than needed to play.For the fast money round it won't matter how many answers there are, just the point value of each. 18 - Emma11 - Emily 06 - Madison 05 - Kaitlyn 04 - Ashley 04 - Samantha 03 - Brittany 03 - Hailey 03 - Sarah 02 - Amanda 02 - Chloe 02 - Jennifer 02 - Sarah What was the most popular baby boy name of 2005?The number beside each answer indicates how many people gave the corresponding response. 14 - Michael 08 - Aiden 07 - Jacob 04 - John 03 - Andrew 03 - Caleb 03 - Jack 02 - Brian 02 - Chad 02 - Christopher 02 - Ethan 02 - Hayden 02 - Hunter 02 - James 02 - Jason 02 - Kaden 02 - Matthew 02 - Tyler Name a popular brand of diapers.

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For example: “Who wears the pants in the relationship? ” The couple each raise one of the shoes to represent themselves or their partner, often with hilarious results.

), so I am super duper excited to be posting over here today to share a fun baby shower idea.

One of my favorite girl friends is having a baby girl!

The game is called “Never Have I Ever”, all the guests are asked to bring coins to the shower, when asked the questions on this list, if they HAD done the thing stated then they are required to make a deposit to the Piggy Bank!

Once your game is complete and you’ve broken the ice between all the guests, the mommy-to-be should have a Piggy full of Pennies to save for her baby or to use as she wishes.

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