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Vellocette - John Clements - voc; Paul Spooner - gtr; Nick Jugurtis - bs; Charlie Falzon - dr: recorded late 1982. : Busty Raver (Amanda) - voc; Dean - voc; Owie - gtr; Tom - bs; Tony Cardinal - dr: recorded July 1983. The first JAB track is OK but the second is really dire. JAB: Bobby Stopa - gtr,voc; Ash Wednesday - bs,synth; Johnny Crash - dr,voc; Bohdan X - voc.

LP 5MMM 001, April 1980 On The Dole - Brats This band's only recording. Owes a lyrical debt to a song Give Fraser The Razor by Red Peril (who were definite Young Socialists). Teenage Radio Stars, Boys Next Door and Survivors as on their singles.

Meanwhile, the ABC’s recently unveiled compilation album gave listeners a pretty good summary of the Aussie punk rock movement, but it too had a couple of issues. In the interests of giving Aussie (and international) music fans a more concise and inclusive essential history of the local punk scene, we threw together a list of albums we think any self-respecting Aussie punk fan should have in their collection.

and it’s iconic single of the same name are an inescapable part of Australian music for a reason and if you’ve not heard this record before you owe it to yourself to put it on before you finish this article.

These bands and other Australian and overseas punk acts were strongly supported by public radio stations.

The Young Charlatans had formed in Melbourne out of the ashes of earlier bands.

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Rolling Stone recently unveiled a countdown of what they believed were the ’40 Greatest Punk Albums of All Time’, which really upset a lot of people, since it had many notable omissions such as The Clash’s groundbreaking double album .LP Aberrant NUMBA2, 1984 FR Ripost RIP005 Kamikaze Twist, Migraine Headache - Rocks; New World In The Morning, Unwanted, Gossip Column - Suicide Squad; Business Man, Stranglehold, Countdown - Exserts; Foetal Position, Humanity, Reality (It's Laughing At You) - Vigil-Anti; The Build Up, When The Chips Are Down - Happy Hate Me Nots; Criminal, The End - Wrong Kind Of Stoneage; Jack Junk, The Sky Is falling, A Homely Situation - Itchy Rat. Wrong Kind Of Stone Age as on their 7" (recorded July 1984).Suicide Squad: Peter Gormley - dr; Con Murphy - bs; Mark Easton - gtr; Danny Coumbe - voc: recorded late 1980.After failed attempts on other dating websites, I was tired of notrnmeeting guys with my same taste in music (the basis of any relationship, in myrnbook!) Found this site by accident and within a week was chatting with a fellowrnmetal head from the US.

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