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During the op I lost 2 litres of blood and nearly needed a transfusion, but in the end they settled on iron tablets.

I had a lot of pain with trapped wind and constipation for a few weeks after the section, I was often in tears.

After 4 weeks of pain trying to pass stools/wind I took myself off the iron Meds.

Since then it got a bit easier but now 7 weeks post c section I am suddenly passing blood in my stools, and quite a bit too all round the pan.

Like calcium-channel blockers, the use of botulinum A toxin is off-label.

Hi everyone, I had an elective c section because my LO was breech.

Remember, if you feel uncomfortable at any point, stop. “It’s really up to you to decide what anal sex signifies/means to you in relation to being a virgin,” says Barrie.

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One condition they’re often confused with is piles (haemorrhoids), for example.

“Find out what they want to do.” If you’re working this into female foreplay be careful not to use the same finger for her vagina, as trace amounts of faeces can cause infection. It’s a good idea to practice alone to get an idea of how it feels to stick something up your bum as opposed to something coming out. “It’s about working out what you like,” says Barrie. Breathe deeply into your stomach to help relax all your muscles and get in a position you feel comfortable with. Go in again an inch deeper, and then pull out completely. One of the biggest fears is that you’ll damage your arse muscles and constantly leak poo like a drippy tap. “The sphincters are muscles that can relax and be tightened up, and 80% of your continence (control over when you poo) is controlled by a muscle called the pubo-sling, which isn’t stretched when you’re having sex,” says Barrie.

Sitting down onto his penis while you face him allows you to control the depth of penetration, spooning works well, as does doggy style. Women, unlike men, do not have a prostate gland (AKA P-spot) in the anal passage, but there is still much pleasure to be had from all the nerve endings in and around the bum. Virginity is a complex issue and everyone has their own personal take on it.

Be guided by your partner’s reaction and be sensitive to their wishes. While this may or may not be true, there could be poo. As long as it’s bright red in colour and disappears after 15 minutes this is nothing to worry about.

“Don’t just shove your finger in and start pushing it in and out like you’re trying to polish something,” says Barrie. Although it will be on the condom – that you definitely should wear. However, if it doesn’t and there’s a lot of dark blood, go to A&E.

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