Alcoholics divorce dating aa

The alcoholic mind blurs out personal ethics and values and only cares about feeding its pleasures and desires. After a heavy night of drinking, the alcoholic becomes sober and has to deal with the consequences of their addiction.

It is hard to face yourself or your partner after a night of sexual promiscuity.

Adultery and Alcoholism: How Alcoholism Promotes Adultery Adultery and Alcoholism are the ostensible major causes of divorce.

The worldwide increase in divorce is impacting children, the financial status of women, the marriage rate, and the labor force as well.

It is this author's contention that the approach for the female partner is as important in examination as that of the alcoholic himself.

As Carl Jung stated: Seldom or never does marriage develop into an individual relationship smoothly and without crisis.

In the disease approach, the family members are treated with therapy separate from the alcoholic.

This therapy encourages the alcoholic, the spouse and the family to reach outside the family for help.

He always complimented me, gave me appreciation for my value, and showered me with affection.Abstinence may be as hard or even harder than drinking for the alcoholic because it reveals so many problems that were obscured by the family's focus on alcohol.Denial remains as strong as ever as the family has to face the harsh realities of delusion, illusion and collusion that have dominated its reality during drinking and that are now revealed during the period of abstinence.Many have a hard time accepting that a hiatus from intimate relationships is necessary.In their minds, dating and new relationships seem benign.

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